We will be open to the public in October! We were unhappy with our scheduling software and are working on getting a new one set up.

Our Mission: To prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy dogs and cats by providing quality, reduced-cost, spay and neuter surgeries, and to provide low-cost basic services to those who need it.

Our Plan: To offer spay/neuter services to those in West Michigan who don't have local low-cost options. Our surveys tell us these are the communities to the South of Grand Rapids.

How we operate: At this time we are selecting locations in underserved communities to meet owners and pick up animals for surgery. They will be transported to a private clinic for their procedure. This allows us to serve more areas and make this as convenient as possible for pet owners. Based on demand, we expect to select 1-2 brick and mortar locations to set up permanent part-time sites by the end of Fall 2019. These sites will also offer walk-in clinic hours.